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Past Continuous

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Past Continuous прошедшее длительное время. Используется для описания действия в процессе, которое произошло в прошлом в определенный момент времени. Начало и конец действия нам не известны и они нам и не важны, нам важен только факт, что действие длится, продолжается.

Past Continuous используется:

1)      Для действия, происходившего в определенный момент времени в прошлом.

e.g. Yesterday at 6 o’clock I was having dinner.

2)      Если более длительное действие в прошлом прерывается более коротким, то для длительного действия мы используем Past Continuous, а для более короткого – Past Simple.

e.g. When I was having a shower my phone rang.

3)      Когда мы описываем атмосферу, которая сопровождает основное действие.

e.g. It was a wonderful day. We were sitting in a summer café and drinking coffee when suddenly we saw a man in a black suit.


Past Сontinuous образовывается:


+ Was/were + V-ing e.g. They were drinking coffee when he arrived.       

She was dancing when the doorbell rang.

Wasn’t/weren’t + V-ing e.g. They weren’t drinking coffee when he arrived.       

She wasn’t dancing when the doorbell rang.

? Was/Were + S + V-ing e.g. Were they drinking coffee when he arrived?       

Was she dancing when the doorbell rang?


  • Вместе с Past Continuous часто используются слова when, while, as long as.

                  e.g. While we were driving from Odessa to Kiev, our car broke down.



   Exercise 1.

Complete with the verb in the correct form.

1)      Yesterday at 3 o’clock they (play) tennis.

2)      When I saw her she (try on) a new dress.

3)      Carlos (listen)to the radio while he was driving his car.

4)      You (swim) at 6 o’clock in the morning.

5)      She (use) the Internet when he came home.

6)      What…you…(do)yesterday morning when the postman came?

7)      Jake was arrested when he (try) to rob the bank.





Answers:1.were playing, 2.was trying on, 3.was listening, 4.were swimming, 5.was using, 6.were doing, 7.was trying.





   Exercise 2.

Complete with Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1)      Anita and Igor (sit) in the kitchen when they (hear) the news.

2)      I (sunbathe) when a shark (attack) a girl.

3)      What …. you….(do) yesterday at 9 o’clock?

4)      When the teacher (enter) the room the children (paint) the pictures.

5)      When I phoned my friends they (play) computer games.

6)      While Julia (cook) dinner, her friends (watch) TV in the living room.

7)      They (walk) in the street when it suddenly (begin) to rain.




Answers: 1.were sitting, heard, 2.was sunbathing, attacked, 3.were doing, 4.entered, were painting, 5.were playing, 6.was cooking, were watching, 7.were walking, began.






   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Sleeping                called                 I                   when                  was                  he

2)      She                   her                      skating               Sophie                  arm                 was                broke                    when

3)      You                  TV                midnight             what               on                 were                  at           watching

4)      A snake                 a tree               I              climbing          when            saw          I          was

5)      Sausage                 I               my                ate                 when                  room                my             left         the           cat

6)      We            swimming                 pool           at             in            were          ten         the

7)      Was              he               smiling             when              I             saw             me






Answers: 1. There isn’t a cat under the bed. 2. Sophie broke her arm when she was skating. 3. What were you watching on TV at midnight? 4. I saw a snake when I was climbing a tree. 5. When I left the room my cat ate my sausage. 6. At ten we were swimming in the pool. 7. When he saw me I was smiling.