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Безкоштовний тест на визначення рівня англійської мови — онлайн тестування рівня з розшифровкою відповідей | SkyEdge

Дізнайтеся про свій рівень знань з англійської мови за допомогою онлайн-тестування! | Швидкий та безкоштовний тест зі школи англійської мови SkyEdge

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1 із 20

Most of the buses _____ late this week due to bad weather conditions

A) Run
B) Are run
C) Are running
2 із 20

_____ is too much furniture in my bedroom

A) There
B) It
C) He
3 із 20

Maria was born ____ 1999.

A) In
B) On
C) At
4 із 20

We are thinking about buying new ____ for our flat

A) Furniture
B) Grass
C) river
5 із 20

If you want to live long and healthy life you ___ give up smoking

A) Need
B) Should
C) will
6 із 20

During the lecture, most students were ___

A) Whisper
B) Whispered
C) whispering
7 із 20

_____ to your dentist last month?

A) Did you went
B) Did you go
C) Have you been
8 із 20

We ____ to understand our Spanish teacher

A) Use
B) Didn’t use
C) Didn’t used
9 із 20

Life has changed dramatically ____ I got married.

A) In
B) For
C) since
10 із 20

The most ____ experience in my life was bungee jumping.

A) Exhilarated
B) Exhilarating
C) Exhilarate
11 із 20

My hands are hurting because I____ in my garden all day.

A) Had worked
B) Worked
C) Have been working
12 із 20

If _____, Max will come to fix your bike.

A) Necessity
B) Necessary
C) Necessarily
13 із 20

Kate enjoyed …………….. very much at the wedding reception

A) Myself
B) Herself
C) Myselves
14 із 20

We have already run ____ lot of problems but we hope that the consultant’s help will help to solve them.

A) Into
B) Out
C) With
15 із 20

I ____ go to the seaside.

A) Would prefer
B) Would prefer to
C) Had prefer to
16 із 20

This time next week we ____ at the beach and drinking cocktails.

A) Will sit
B) Will be sitting
C) Will have sat
17 із 20

I’m in bed with a sore throat and temperature. You _____ during the rain yesterday

A) Shouldn’t walk
B) Shouldn’t walked
C) Shouldn’t have walked
18 із 20

Workers should wear ear defenders while working in noisy ____

A) Situation
B) Environment
C) Room
19 із 20

Nowadays fewer people have _____ because of work in front of computer screens.

A) One-one vision
B) Ten-ten vision
C) Twenty-twenty vision
20 із 20

Kate is ___ the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend, because she can’t stand his stupid jokes.

A) Of
B) On
C) about