Використання невизначених займенників somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything, nothing в англійській мові

нд, 03/20/2022 - 12:56 Марина

Від займенників “some, any, no” можуть утворюватися складні займенники:: “somebody – anybody – nobody; something – anything – nothing; somewhere – anywhere – nowhere”.

Ми використовуємо somebody – anybody – nobodyколи говоримо про людей, something – anything – nothing , коли говоримо про предмети і somewhere – anywhere – nowhere, коли говоримо про місця..

  People Things Places
+ Somebody, someone Something Somewhere
-,? Anybody, anyone Anything Anywhere
-короткі відповіді Nobody, no one Nothing Nowhere


e.g. Someone came into the house.

         He dropped something.

        I saw your bag somewhere.

        Have you seen anyone?

        Do we have anything to drink?

        Did you go anywhere last night?

        Unfortunately nobody came.

        What did you do yesterday? – Nothing.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      Did anyone/someone came while I was out?

2)      Kate went to the supermarket but she didn’t buy anything/nothing.

3)      I’m frightened. Somebody/anybody is in my house.

4)      Anybody/Nobody can help me.

5)      I’m too depressed to go somewhere/anywhere

6)       I found anything/nothing interesting there.

7)      Is there something/anything in your pocket?

8)      There’s something/nothing  wrong with you, you’re perfectly healthy.

9)      Where did you go? – Anywhere/Nowhere.



Answers: 1.anyone, 2.anything, 3.somebody, 4.nobody, 5.somewhere, 6.nothing, 7.anything, 8.nothing, 9.nowhere.



   Exercise 2.

Give the correct short answer.(nobody/nothing/nowhere)

1)      Who did you see?

2)      What did you do?

3)      What did you have for breakfast?

4)      Where did you spend your last holiday?

5)      Who came to your party?

6)      Where are you going?

7)      What are you going to buy for her birthday?



Answers: 1.nobody, 2. Nothing, 3. Nothing, 4.nowhere, 5.nobody, 6.nowhere, 7.nothing.



   Exercise 3.

Complete the sentences.

1)      Have you heard ….. about his girlfriend?

2)      I’d like to go …. hot, for example to Thailand.

3)      She said: “….. loves me” and started to cry.

4)      Please give me …..to eat, I’m so hungry.

5)      There isn’t …. to seat.

6)      …. stole my wallet when I was in a shop.

7)      We need to do the washing – there’s ….. to wear.

8)      Have you found …. who could help you?




Answers: 1.anything, 2.somewhere, 3.nobody, 4.something, 5.anywhere, 6.somebody, 7.nothing, 8.anybody

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