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Past Perfect

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Past Perfect используется, когда мы говорим о событиях в прошлом, которые завершились до некоего момента:

e.g. When we arrived at the cinema we suddenly remembered that we had already seen that film.


Had + Past Participle


e.g. I had visited this country before.

hadn’t + Past Participle


e.g. I hadn’t visited this country before.
? Had + S + Past Participle

e.g. Had you visited this country before?         

Yes, I had.       

No, I hadn’t.


  • Форма Past Perfect одинаковая для всех лиц.

               e.g. I was just 10 minutes late but they had already gone.

                       I was just 10 minutes late but she had already gone.

  • Past Perfect может также использоваться при перечислении нескольких действий, которые произошли до момента повествования в целом.

e.g. When she arrived home she saw that somebody had broken into her house and had stolen all her money and her laptop.



   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      She baked/had baked a lot before she opened/ had opened her own café.

2)      My mom called/ had called to tell me that I left/had left my bag at home.

3)      My boss was/had been really angry because I didn’t finish/hadn’t finished my report.

4)      I can’t/couldn’t buy anything because I forgot/had forgotten my wallet at work.

5)      Mary owned/had owned that house for 5 years before she sold/had sold it.

6)      He fed/had fed the dog because no-one fed/had fed it for days.

7)      She said that she was/had been to Australia.




Answers:1.had baked, opened, 2.called, had left, 3. Was, hadn’t finished, 4. Couldn’t, had forgotten, 5. Had owned, sold, 6. Fed, had fed, 7. Had been



   Exercise 2.

Complete with the verb in the correct form.

1)      When I arrived the concert(finish).

2)      The children (not eat) so we made dinner.

3)      The grass was all yellow because it(not rain) all summer.

4)      The waiter brought me the dish that I (not order).

5)      I (not ride)the bike before that Sunday.

6)      Lisa(turn on) the TV after she (have) a shower.

7)      She (study) French before she moved to Canada.




Answers: 1. Had finished, 2. Hadn’t eaten, 3. Hadn’t rained, 4. Hadn’t ordered, 5. Hadn’t ridden, 6. Had turned on, had, 7. Had studied.



   Exercise 3.

Match the sentence halves.

1)      I argued with my wife because                                                   a) to see what had happened.

2)      John couldn’t sleep                                                                   b) because Mum had put too much pepper in it.

3)      We couldn’t find the hospital because                                         c) she went to work.

4)      I couldn’t eat the salad                                                              d) she hadn’t cooked the dinner.

5)      After Jessica had got dressed                                                   e) because he had drunk too much coffee.

6)      Tim couldn’t get into his office                                                   f) I hadn’t asked the address.

7)      I turned on the computer                                                           g) because he had forgotten his keys at home.






Answers:  1- d, 2 – e, 3 – f, 4 – b, 5 – c, 6 – g, 7 – a.