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may – might

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May/might модальные глаголы, которые выражают предположение, основанное на неуверенности.

e.g. I may watch this film.

       She might wear that dress.

May и might являются синонимами и не имеют большого различия в своем значении.

+ May/might

e.g. She may wear a white dress.      

      She might wear a black dress.

May not/might not

e.g. She may not wear jeans.       

       She might not wear shorts.

? May + S + V? e.g. May I come in?


  • В прошедшем времени используется форма might.

              e.g.They might fall over.

  • В вопросительных предложениях may используется для образования вежливых просьб.

e.g. May I open the door? It’s very hot in here.




Choose the correct word.

1)      I haven’t been here for a long time so that shop may/may not be closed now.

2)      If you help me I may/may not tell mom about you bad marks.

3)      Don’t drink so cold water. You might/might not get a cold.

4)      What are you doing on Saturday? – We may/may not watch a film.

5)      May/might I borrow your bag?

6)      You may/may not worry about it. The boss won’t find out.

7)      Where is my wallet? – It may/may mot be in your bag.




Answers: 1.may, 2.may not, 3.might, 4.may, 5.may, 6.may not, 7.may.




Put the words in the correct order.

1)      May           to               I                party                 the                not             go

2)      Finish                    she                   it                     have                  to                time                might            some

3)      Cold                    might                  tonight                   it               very              be

4)      Celebrate                  home               might             we                    our             at           birthday

5)      Be                a few                    there                we              minutes                  may          in

6)      Coffee            I                or                 drink             tea                    may

7)      Summer                travel                  we              to                might               next          Europe




Answers: 1. I may not go to the party. 2. She might have some time to finish it. 3. It might be very cold tonight. 4. We might celebrate our birthday at home. 5. We may be there in a few minutes. 6. I may drink coffee or tea. 7. We might travel to Europe next summer.





Match the sentence halves.

1)      Where is your umbrella?                              A) You may miss your train.

2)      Where are the children?                              B) They play really badly.

3)      I might not accept the job.                          C) It might be a bit cold.

4)      They may lose tonight.                               D) It may be in my bag.

5)      Let’s go shopping.                                      E) The salary is really low.

6)      I’ll take the jacket.                                      F) They might be in the park.

7)      Hurry up.                                                    G) We may buy something nice.






Answers: 1 – d, 2 – f, 3 – e, 4- b, 5 – g, 6 – c, 7 – a