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Third Conditional

чт, 03/29/2018 - 12:54 Марина

Third Conditional (Третье условное наклонение) – это конструкция, которую мы используем, когда мы выражаем сожаление по поводу того, что не произошло в прошлом.

Предложения такого типа всегда состоят из двух частей: условия и результата.

e.g. If I had studied better I would have passed this exam.

Для образования этой формы существует специальная схема:

If+ Past Perfect – would+have+Past Participle

e.g. If I had done more exrcise, I would have been healthier.

  • Иногда вместо would have мы можем использовать should have, could have, might have. 

e.g. If you had bought a lottery ticket, you might have won.

  • В Third Conditional части предложения могу меняться местами. Смысл предложения от этого не изменится.

e.g. I would have invited John if I had seen him.

       If I had seen him, I would have invited John.



   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      If he asked/had asked me, I would help/have helped him.

2)      If you haven’t been/hadn’t been late, you wouldn’t have missed/had missed the plane.

3)      If I had known/knew you were coming, I would have cook/have cooked something tasty.

4)      He would have agreed/would agreed, if you had asked/have asked him nicely.

5)      If we have taken/had taken the map with us, we wouldn’t get lost/wouldn’t have got lost.

6)      If we wouldn’t have taken/hadn’t taken the job, we wouldn’t have been able/hadn’t been able to go travelling.

7)      I would have called/had called him, if I didn’t lose/hadn’t lost his number.



Answers:1.had asked, have helped, 2.hadn’t been, have missed, 3.had known, have cooked, 4.would have agreed, had asked, 5.had taken, wouldn’t have got  lost, 6.hadn’t taken, wouldn’t have been able, 7.would have called, hadn’t lost.


   Exercise 2.  

Complete with the correct form of the verb.

1)      If he (remember) earlier, he (send) her a birthday card.

2)      If he (save) some money, he (be able) to go on holiday.

3)      If I (see) him at the meeting, I (ask) him.

4)      If he (complain) to the manager, they might have given him a discount. 

5)      It (be) even better if Charlie (damage) it!

6)      If you (stop) quickly,  we (crash).

7)      This never (happen) if you(listen) to me.





Answers: 1. had remembered, would have sent, 2. had saved, would have been able, 3. had seen, would have asked , 4. had complained , 5. would have been, hadn’t damaged, 6. hadn’t stopped, would have crashed, 7. would have happened, had listened.