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Present Perfect Continuous

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Present Perfect Continuousнастоящее совершенное длительное время.

Используется, когда мы говорим о действии, которое началось в прошлом и продолжает длиться до настоящего момента.

e.g. We have been playing this game for two hours.

Образование: have/has + been + V-ing

+ I/you/we/they + have +been + V-ingHe/she/it + has + been + V-ing

e.g. I have been watching TV.       

She has been cleaning her house.

I/you/we/they + haven’t + been + V-ingHe/she/it + hasn’t + been + V-ing

e.g. I haven’t been watching TV.       

She hasn’t been cleaning her house.

? Have + I/you/we/they + been + V-ingHas + he/she/it + been + V-ing 

e.g. Have you been watching TV? – Yes, I have./No, I haven’t.      

Has she been cleaning her house? – Yes, she has./ No, she hasn’t.


Present Perfect Continuous также используется, когда мы говорим о действии, которое длилось какое-то время и закончилось перед разговором.

e.g. Why are you so sad? – I have been arguing with my husband.

Present Perfect Continuous часто используется с фразами for + промежуток времени и since + момент времени.

e.g. We’ve been watching this film for 20 minutes.

  • Существуют некоторые глаголы, которые в Present Perfect Continuous не употребляются: 

to want – хотеть, to like – нравится, to love – любить, to wish – желать, to see – видеть, to hear – слышать, to feel – чувствовать, to notice – отмечать, to know – знать, to understand – понимать, to remember – помнить, to recognize – узнавать, to forget – забывать,  to seem – казаться, to be – быть и другие. Эти глаголы используются с Present Perfect.

  • Глаголы live  и work могут использоваться и в Present Perfect  и в Present Perfect Continuous.

e.g. I have lived here for 10 years.

       I have been living here for 10 years.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      Lucy has been drawing for/since 2 hours.

2)      How long did/have you been living here?

3)      What have you be/been doing all day?

4)      He has been playing/played football for years.

5)      My mom has/have been preparing for the concert for a long time.

6)      You’ve been slept/sleeping for 8 hours.

7)      She’s been/being surfing the internet since 10 o’clock.



Answers: 1.for, 2.have, 3.been, 4.playing, 5.has, 6.sleeping, 7.been




   Exercise 2.

Complete with the verb in Present Perfect Continuous.

1)      He …. (play) the guitar for a long time.

2)      How long …..you… (teach) English?

3)      …. It ….(snow) since she arrived?

4)      I ….(revise) all night.

5)      Andrew …. (work out) for a long time.

6)      How long … you … (stand) outside?

7)      Who ….(call) you all day long?





Answers: 1.has been playing, 2.have…..been teaching, 3.has…..been snowing, 4.have been revising, 5.has been working out, 6.have…. been standing, 7.has been calling





   Exercise 3.

Complete with the verb in Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.

1)      She …(not do) her homework yet.

2)      They … (listen) to music since 8 o’clock.

3)      I … (learn) to paint for 5 years.

4)      Tim …. (know) his wife since he was at school.

5)      How long …. we ….(be) married? I don’t remember.

6)      You ….never ….(present) me anything.

7)      I….(water) the flowers all day long.





Answers: 1. hasn’t done, 2. have been listening, 3. have been learning, 4.has known, 5.have…been, 6.have…presented, 7.have been watering.