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IN, ON, AT – prepositions of time.

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В английском языке существуют 3 основных предлога времени: in, on, at.

Их использование:


С годами                

                  e.g. in 1999

Со временем суток                

                  e.g. in the morning

Со временами года                

                  e.g. inthesummer

С месяцами                

                  e.g. in May



С датами                

                 e.g. on 1st May

С днями недели                

                e.g. onMonday

C днями недели + время суток                

                e.g. on Monday morning



Со временем                 

               e.g. at 10 oclock

Со временем суток                

               e.g. atnight                       

                 at midnight

C праздниками                

               e.g. at Easter

At the weekend


e.g.  We usually go to Greece in the summer.

         My nephew was born on 2nd July.

         I always wake up at 9 o’clock at the weekend.

Предлоги времени IN, AT, ON не используются со словами:

•   next: next Monday, next year
•   last: last month, last week
•   this: this morning, this spring
•   every: every day, every Saturday




   Exercise 1.

 Complete with in, on, at.

1)      …. April

2)       …..12.00

3)      ….. 31st December

4)      ….. Monday

5)      ….. Friday morning

6)      …… Christmas

7)      …… the winter

8)      ……the weekend

9)      ….. night

10)   …… evening




Answers:1.in, 2.at, 3.on, 4.on, 5.at, 6.at, 7.in, 8.at, 9.at, 10.in




   Exercise 2.

 Fill in the gaps with in, on, at

1)      John must arrive …. five o’clock.

2)      I usually do sport ….. the afternoon.

3)      My mom is leaving …. Friday

4)      It’s very warm here …. night.

5)      Daisy was born …. 2005.

6)      I never work …. the weekend.

7)      My friends ride their bikes …. the summer.

8)      School starts …. 1st September.

9)      Sorry, I can’t see you …. lunchtime.

10)   It happened …. Saturday night.




Answers: 1.at, 2.in, 3.on, 4.at, 5.in, 6.at, 7.in, 8.on, 9.at, 10.on.



   Exercise 3.  

Put words in the correct order.

1)      Christmas           sister     home    last         my         came.

2)      France                 go           summer              they      to           every

3)      You        breakfast            have     morning              this        what     did         for?

4)      Possible              I’d          this        meeting              have      like         if             a             to           month.

5)      Busy      pretty   is             week    she        next.

6)      Sarah    job         Monday              is             next      start      going     to           a             new.

7)      Visit       try          grandparents    I              every    to           my         weekend.

8)      Bought                                car          we         last         our         year.

9)      Closed  every    banks    Sunday                are

10)   Seen     a             I              great     this        have      year       lot          films      of.







Answers: 1. My sister came home last Christmas. 2. They go to France every summer. 3. What did you have for breakfast this morning? 4. I’d like to have a meeting this month if possible. 5. She is pretty busy next week. 6. Sarah is going to start a new job next Monday. 7. I try to visit my grandparents every weekend. 8. We bought our car last year.  9. Banks are closed every Sunday. 10. I have seen a lot of great films this year.