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Uses of Infinitive

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Uses of Infinitive

Инфинитив – это отглагольная форма (неличная форма глагола), которая состоит из базовой формы глагола с частицей “to”: to make; to cook; to play; to read; to smile; to run.

Отрицательная форма инфинитива образуется при помощи отрицательной частицы not, которая ставится перед формой инфинитива: not to go, not to do.

Инфинитив используется:

1. После некоторых глаголов: afford, agree, appear, ask, beg, begin, continue, decide, deserve, expect, fail, forget, hate, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, like, love, manage, mean, need, offer, plan, prefer, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, regret, remember, seem, start, threaten, try, want, would like.

     e.g. I decided not to go there.

        They hope to buy a new house next year.

2. После прилагательных:

     e.g. It’s easy to pass this test.

3. Для выражения цели или причины(чтобы ответить на вопрос Why?)

     e.g. We came to see you.

  •       После некоторых глаголов может использоваться как герундий так и инфинитив без особой разницы в значении.(begin, continue, hate, intend, like, love, prefer, propose, start)

     e.g. It started to snow

            It started snowing.


     Exercise 1.

Put the verb in the correct form.

  1. I didn’t want …..(meet) his parents but I had to.
  2. Tom decided …..(become) an architect and …… (build)the most beautiful building in the world.
  3. She reminded me …… (take) my passport.
  4. He promised …… (be) very careful, but he didn’t keep his promise.
  5. Don’t you need ……. (take) a break? You’ve been working so long!
  6. Our teacher won’t allow us …..(use) dictionaries during the test.
  7. Do you wish ….. (have) something to eat or would you like …… (have) dinner a bit later.






Answers: 1. To meet, 2.to become, to build, 3.to take, 4.to be, 5.to take, 6.to use, 7.to have, to have.


     Exercise 2.

Put the words in the correct order.

  1. Mom                  late             I                not             promised               be            my            to
  2. Go         energetic             always            morning              bed              be              in             I                  to                     the               to               early
  3. Cheat              decided                    not                he                it                     to              failed            the                    and               in            exam
  4.  Offered             miss            our             look                 Jacobs             to              after kids
  5. Thank             mom              her              I               like            
  6. Here             English             we               study               came              to
  7. Refused            prescriptions               to               my              follow               they





Answers: 1. I promised my mom not to be late. 2. I always go to bed early to be energetic in the morning. 3. He decided not to cheat in the exam and failed it. 4. Miss Jacobs offered to look after our kids. 5. I would like to thank my mom for her help. 6. We came here to study English. 7. They refused to follow my prescriptions.


     Exercise 3.

Put the verb in the correct form – gerund or infinitive.

  1. Beth was excited about (meet)the world famous photographer.
  2.  I hope you don’t mind (watch) a film while you eat.
  3. It’s not difficult (play ) the drums but it’s really hard (play) well.
  4. Sam suggested (meet) at the airport.
  5.  Kate pretended (be) ill because she didn’t want (wash) the car.
  6. I would never agree (get married) without love.
  7. She goes on (take) her medicine.






Answers: 1.meeting. 2. watching. 3. To play, to play. 4  meeting. 5. To be, to wash. 6. To get married. 7.taking.