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Future Perfect

ср, 03/28/2018 - 22:17 Марина

Future Perfectэто достаточно редко употребляемое время, которое используется, когда мы говорим о действиях в будущем, которые закончатся к определенному моменту.

e.g. By next March I will have got this job.

Образование: will + have + past participle


will + have + past participle

e.g. We’ll have finished by 10 o’clock.

won’t + have + past participle

e.g. We won’t have finished by 10 o’clock.


Will + subject + have + past Participle

e.g. Will they have finished by 10 o’clock?


  • Это время часто сопровождается выражениями by + момент времени.(by Sunday, by the weekend, by May) и in + промежуток времени(in ten days, in seven month).

e.g. He will have paid for his house by November.

        He will have paid for his house in 3 months.

  • Future Perfect также выражает идею, что что-то произойдет перед другим действием в будущем.

e.g. By the time I finish this task, I will have read twenty books.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      She will have done her homework by/in tomorrow.

2)      They will have wrote/written their essay by the weekend.

3)      In two days she will has/have visited her native city.

4)      Will you have finish/finished playing by 3 o’clock?

5)      They will have/had delivered all the food by the beginning of the party.

6)      You will have known the results by/in tomorrow morning.

7)      The van will have reached the garage by/in two hours.




Answers: 1.by, 2.written, 3.have, 4.finished, 5.have, 6.by, 7.in

   Exercise 2.

Complete with the verb in Future Perfect.

1)      By ten o’clock I …..(arrived) to work.

2)      She …..(finish) the painting by the end of the week.

3)      By the end of the year they ………..(earn) their first million.

4)      In a year’s time I …….(write) my book.

5)       I ….(find) more interesting job by then.

6)      Sam……..( leave) by next week.

7)      They …. (prepare) for their exam by tomorrow.






Answers: 1.will have arrived, 2.will have finished, 3.will have earned, 4.will have written, 5. Will have found, 6.will have left, 7.will have prepared.