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Grandpa’s Farm

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:23 Марина

I like to go to my Grandpa’s farm.

He has many animals.

There are nine black and white cows.

They are very big and give us milk to drink.

Grandpa has seven brown chickens too!

The chickens give us eggs to eat.

I like to play with the pigs on Grandpa’s farm.

They like to roll in the mud.

I do too!

It is fun to go to Grandpa’s farm.

I always have a fun time!


Task 1.  Answer “Yes” or “No”. (Выберите ответ “Да” или “Нет”)


1) Grandpa has a farm.

Y           N

2) Grandpa has only two animals on his farm.

Y           N

3) Grandpa has nine brown and white cows on his farm.

Y           N

4) Grandpa has three brown chickens that lay eggs.

Y           N

5) Pigs like to roll in the mud.

Y           N

5) It is fun to visit Grandpa’s farm.

Y           N

6) This is a happy story.

Y           N

Task 2. Give right numbers for sentences 2, 3, 4 from ex. 1 (Дайте правильные числа для предложений 2, 3, 4 из упражнения 1).


Task 3. Draw the picture for the story and retell it (Нарисуйте рисунок к истории, перескажите историю по рисунку).


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