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Present Perfect + for, since

чт, 03/29/2018 - 12:17 Марина

Мы используем Present Perfect + for, since, чтобы говорить о действиях, которые начались в прошлом  и до сих пор длятся.

При помощи for и since мы можем показать, как долго длится действие.

For используется с промежутком времени.

Since используется с моментом , когда началось действие.

For Since
 + a period of time  

+ a point in time



Например:  For → for a week, for a month, for a long time.

                        Since→ since last year, since last week, since 1999, since Monday


  • For может также быть использовано с Past Simple и Past Perfect.
  • Since используется только с Perfect Tenses.



   Exercise 1:

Choose since or for:

1)      ……… last year

2)      ……… 1999

3)      ……..we bought this car

4)      ………22 years

5)      ………A long time

6)      ………Jim met her

7)      ……… then

8)      ……… twenty centuries

9)      ……… a millennium

10)   …… about two years





Answers: 1.since, 2.since, 3.since, 4.for, 5.for, 6.since, 7.since, 8.for, 9.since, 10.for.



   Exercise 2.

Complete with a correct preposition:

1)      You’ve been a teacher ……. 1990

2)      They haven’t been home …. Christmas.

3)      I’ve had my driving license …. more than 10 years.

4)      My parents haven’t been to the cinema …. ages.

5)      Kate has been my best friend ….. we were 11.

6)      I’ve known my husband …. 13 years.

7)      It has been foggy …… several days.

8)      Things have changed …. I found a new job.

9)      I have lived in the same city …. I was born.

10)   Peter has worked here ….only one week.




Answers: 1.since, 2.since, 3.for, 4.for, 5.since, 6.for, 7.for, 8.since, 9.since, 10.for.




   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Ill            3            our         been     cat          has         for          days

2)      Had       lovely    Friday   we’ve   weather              since

3)      Steve    she’s     known  weeks  for          two

4)      Seen     Monday              her         nobody                               has         last         since

5)      For         week    journalists          all           been     strike    on          have      a

6)      Minutes              Mrs. Davis          us           lesson   taught  for          has         this        minutes               35

7)      Loved   since     saw        has         she        you        she        you

8)      Holiday                been     a             we’ve   on          month                  for






Answers: 1. Our cat has been ill for 3 days. 2. We’ve had lovely weather since Friday. 3. She’s known Steve for two weeks. 4. Nobody has seen her since last Monday. 5. All journalists have been on strike for a week. 6. Mrs. Davis has taught us this lesson for 35 minutes. 7. She has loved you since she saw you. 8. We’ve been on holiday for a month.