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Degrees of comparison (adjectives)

чт, 03/29/2018 - 12:09 Марина

Degrees of comparison (adjectives)степени сравнения прилагательных. Прилагательные в английском языке образовывают две степени сравнения: сравнительную (comparative) и превосходную (superlative).

Степени сравнения образовываются:

  Comparative degree Superlative degree
Слова, состоящие из одного слога.


e.g. old-older       



e.g. old-the oldest       

          small-the smallest

Слова, состоящие из двух слогов и заканчивающиеся на-y


e.g. dirty – dirtier      

          easy – easier


e.g dirty – the dirtiest     

         easy – the easiest        

Слова, состоящие из двух слогов и более


e.g. popular – more popular    

          boring – more boring


e.g. popular – the most popular     

          boring – the most boring



Good-better-the best

Bad-worse-the worst

Far-further-the furthest

e.g. She is the best singer in the world.

       It was the worst dinner in my life.

        This city is further from our village than that one.

  • Перед прилагательным в превосходной форме всегда используется артикль the.

e.g.the biggest cinema

  • Перед сравнительной степенью можно использовать слово much (намного).

e.g. She is much taller than me.

       Going to the theatre is much more interesting than going to the cinema.



   Exercise 1.

Write the adjectives in comparative and superlative degrees.

1)      Funny

2)      Slow

3)      Dangerous

4)      Bad

5)      Intelligent

6)      Boring

7)      Far

8)      Friendly

9)      Stupid

10)   Fast






Answers: 1.funnier-the funniest, 2.slower-the slowest, 3.more dangerous-the most dangerous, 4. worse-the worst, 5. more intelligent-the most intelligent, 6. more boring-the most boring, 7. further-the furthest, 8. friendlier-the friendliest, 9.more stupid-the most stupid, 10.faster-the fastest.





   Exercise 2.

Choose the correct form of the adjective

1)      Orange juice is tastier/the tastiest than apple juice.

2)      What is hotter/the hottest place you’ve ever been to?

3)      They say that my English is worse/the worst in our class but I don’t agree with that.

4)      I decided to order the chicken because it was cheaper/the cheapest.

5)      My flat is much bigger/the biggest and nicer/the nicest than yours.

6)      This book is more interesting/the most interesting than the film.

7)      The dog is angrier/than its owner.

8)      Better/the best singer in our world is Madonna.





Answers: 1.tastier, 2.the hottest, 3.the worst, 4.cheaper, 5.bigger, nicer, 6.more interesting, 7.angrier, 8.the best.





   Exercise 3.

Complete with correct form of the adjective.

1)      Solomon was (wise) than any other king.

2)       Bible is (popular) book in the world.

3)      Who is (old) among your sisters?

4)      Ross is (serious) about his homework than Bob.

5)      Surfing is (dangerous) than skiing.

6)      Chinese is (difficult) language in the world.

7)      Carrots are (good) for you than cakes.




Answers: 1.wiser, 2.the most popular, 3.the oldest, 4.more serious, 5. Moredangerous, 6.the most difficult, 7.better