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Second Conditional

чт, 03/29/2018 - 12:55 Марина

Second Conditional (Второе условное наклонение) – это конструкция, которую мы используем, когда говорим о нереальных, воображаемых, гипотетических ситуациях в настоящем или будущем и о их возможных последствиях.  

Предложения такого типа всегда состоят из двух частей: условия и результата.

e.g. If I saw a spider, I would cry.

Для образования Second Conditional существует определенная схема:

if + past simple, …would + infinitive

e.g. If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house.

  • После I/he/she/it  мы часто используем не was, а were.

e.g. If I were you, I would buy this dress.

  • Вместо would могут использоваться could, should или might.

e.g. If I won a lottery, I could buy a big house.

  • В Second Conditional части предложения могу меняться местами. Смысл предложения от этого не изменится.

e.g. I would study another language if I had more time.

        If I had more time, I would study another language.



   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1) If I spoke/spoken the perfect English, I would get a better job.

2) She would call him if she has/had more time.

3) You would/wouldn’t lose weight if you ate less.

4) We would buy a bigger house if we had/would have three children.

5) She would do it if she can/could.

6) I wouldn’t do that if I was/were you.

7) If we live/lived in the country, we would need a second car.





Answers: 1.spoke, 2.had, 3.would, 4.had, 5.could, 6.were, 7.lived




   Exercise 2.

Complete with the correct form of the verb.

1) Jake (lend) her his car if she (ask) him nicely.

2) If I (be) rich,  I (travel) more.

3) What … you….(do) if you (see) a snake.

4) I (be) happy if I (marry) Jenny.

5) It (cost) less if you (go) by train.

6) She (spend) a year in the USA if it (be)easier to get a green card.

7) If I (feel) better, I (go) to the party.





Answers:1.would lend, asked, 2.were, travelled, 3.would….do, saw, 4.would be, married, 5. Would cost, went, 6.would spend, were, 7.felt, would go.






   Exercise 3.

Match the sentence halves.

1) We would help you                                              a) she would look completely different

2) We would clean the bathroom                               b) he could vote.

3) If the weather were good                                      c) we would go for a walk.

4) If he were older                                                    d) if we knew how.

5) Where would you go                                              e) if we had more time.

6) If her hair were blond                                             f) if he had his guitar.

7) Tom would sing a song                                          g) if you could go anywhere in the world?







Answers: 1-d, 2 – e, 3 – c, 4 – b, 5 – g, 6 – a, 7 – f