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Like vs as

ср, 03/28/2018 - 23:36 Марина

Мы обычно используем like и as для сравнений. 

  Like As

Структура предложения






            e.g.  Maria swims like a fish 

                       Jim treats other people as his father treated him.

Также мы используем as, когда говорим о профессии человека, а также о функции или роли человека или предмета.

             e.g. My mom works as an accountant.

                     I used these ribbons as decorations for my dress.

При перечислении стоит избегать like и вместо него использовать such as.

              e.g.  We’ve visited lots of interesting countries such as Spain, China and Brazil.

As if и as though также могут быть использованы для сравнений.

           e.g. He spends money as if he were a millionaire.

                   He talks as though he knows everything


   Exercise 1

 Choose the correct word.

1)      I’ve arrived to the party as/like we agreed.

2)      She hopes to qualify as/like an accountant.

3)      She dances as/like a goddess.

4)      I’ve brought you money as/like you asked.

5)      My mom looks as/like Madonna.

6)      What does your boyfriend do? – He works as/like a policeman.

7)      In that shop you can get all kinds of things as/such as/like clothes, watches, jewellery.




Answers: 1.as, 2.as, 3.like, 4.as, 5.like, 6.as, 7.such as.




   Exercise 2.

Complete with the correct word.

1)      Don’t look at me … that.

2)      I did everything exactly … my teacher had told me.

3)      What’s the matter? You are behaving …. a child.

4)      I’ve brought all necessary things …. nails, hammers, tools.

5)      Kris works …. a manager now but before he was a shop assistant.

6)      The date was … a dream.

7)      …. I said yesterday, we’re not going to discuss it any more.




Answers: 1.like, 2.as, 3.like, 4.such as, 5.as, 6.like, 7.as.




   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Like                Todd                his                     grandfather               looks

2)      Be               I’d              Maria              Like             love               to               blond

3)      Have                   know                   as                     I                children              two          you

4)      Do                 this                you                  like            mustn’t

5)      An              works                   as                     Bred               au-pair

6)      We                team                  our               expected             as          lost

7)      You                   heights                    me                  of                 are              afraid                like?




Answers: 1. Todd looks like his grandfather. 2. I’d love to be blond like Maria. 3. As you know, I have two children. 4. You mustn’t do like this. 5. Bred works as an au-pair. 6. Our team lost as we expected. 7. Are you afraid of heights like me?